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PRESS RELEASE: Europe unite! Re-think Brexit!

The leaders of seven associations of social-democratic and socialist small and medium entrepreneurs and self-employed persons from EU countries who founded their cooperation last year in Berlin, met in Madrid from June 14-15, 2018 to discuss matters of mutual interest and develop proposals for political actions on the level of the EU and in their home countries.

The most urgent current topic discussed was the impending “Hard Brexit” that appears more and more the most realistic outcome. It threatens the achievements of many decades of close cooperation in mutual trust in the European Union and will highly negatively affect all involved economies and their protagonists. In this regard, the constituencies of the assembled associations urge the British Prime Minister, Theresa May and her coalition government, as well as Labour party leader Jeremy Corbin, UK business associations and all European member states to rapidly seek an honourable way to revoke the Brexit and its disruptive consequences for all European economies, peoples, and societies.